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Obvinený Američan nemá v prípade zabitia Pakistancov imunitu (Späť na článok)

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prosim vas, co je toto zase za clanok...ako "udajny" agent CIA? ved to ze pracuje pre CIA potvrdila aj US vlada....ovela viac sa docitate tu:


*** (príspevok porušil KÓDEX diskutujúceho)

Peklo pred dverami?

CIA Agent in Pakistan Giving Nuclear and Biological Material to al-Qaeda for Use in USA

Double murder-accused US official Raymond Davis has been found in possession of top-secret CIA documents, which point to him or the feared American Task Force 373 (TF373) operating in the region, providing Al-Qaeda terrorists with “nuclear fissile material” and “biological agents,” according to a report.

Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) is warning that the situation on the sub-continent has turned “grave” as it appears that open warfare is about to break out between Pakistan and the United States, The European Union Times reports.

The SVR warned in its report that the apprehension of 36-year-old Davis, who shot dead two Pakistani men in Lahore last month, had fuelled this crisis.

According to the report, the combat skills exhibited by Davis, along with documentation taken from him after his arrest, prove that he is a member of US’ TF373 black operations unit currently operating in the Afghan War Theatre and Pakistan’s tribal areas, the paper said.

While the US insists that Davis is one of their diplomats, and the two men he killed were robbers, Pakistan says that the duo were ISI agents sent to follow him after it was discovered that he had been making contact with al Qaeda, after his cell phone was tracked to the Waziristan tribal area bordering Afghanistan, the paper said.

The most ominous point in this SVR report is “Pakistan’s ISI stating that top-secret CIA documents found in Davis’ possession point to his, and/or TF373, providing to al Qaeda terrorists “nuclear fissile material” and “biological agents”, which they claim are to be used against the United States itself in order to ignite an all-out war in order to re-establish the West’s hegemony over a Global economy that is warned is just months away from collapse,” the paper added.
The Extraordinary Events in the Middle East and the Coming Global Tsunami

Diplomaticky statut moze...

..odobrat lokalny sud ? Som myslel ze len matersky stat... :-O

obesit ho

aj tych co soferovali to auto. ked opity ukrainsky diplomat v NY zabil decko tym ze ho zrazil policia ho normalne zatkla a nikam ho nevidala - odsudili ho a basta. na kiev sa narevalo aby bol ticho a nikto sa tym nezaoberal.

Amerického občana zvykla americká vláda



ale len v pripade, ze na neho nezautocia izraelci...tam rychle zavrie oci...


popravit tohto vraha a podla domacich zvyklosti statim hlavy .

Licence to Kill

neviem ci by v USA obstal pred sudom so sebaobranou typu, ze ho chcel niekto v NY okradnut, a on dvoch zlodejov zastrelil.
ale info nie je presne. ak mali aj oni zbran tak je to OK!

dufam ze

dostane spravodlivy proces, si myslel ze niekoho zastreli a usa ho iba stiahnu domov?

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