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ABIDJAN - Africa tops the league for babies born with the AIDS virus and accounts for 90 percent of all new cases among children every year, according to a group monitoring the spread of the disease worldwide.

HARARE - Zimbabwe's main union group will stage a one-day nationwide strike on Tuesday in protest against new taxes imposed by the government to pay for compensation for war veterans.

LAGOS - Nigeria's voters apparently responded with indifference to the latest elections in their military government's step-by-step process towards restoring civilian rule next year.

WINDHOEK - The flight and voice recorders of a German airforce plane that crashed off the Namibian coast after a mid-air collision with a United States military aircraft more than 10 weeks ago have been recovered, officials said.

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HARARE - Zimbabwe's Catholic bishops have urged President Robert Mugabe's government to ensure justice and fairness in its controversial land reform plans.

IRKUTSK - Rescuers digging through frozen rubble have found the remains of 47 people killed when a giant military cargo plane crashed into an apartment building in the Siberian town of Irkutsk.

JERUSALEM - Israeli unions resumed a nationwide strike after all-night talks failed to resolve a dispute that has paralysed the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, air travel, banks and postal services.

DHAKA - Opposition activists enforced a nationwide strike in Bangladesh and tribesmen clashed with Bengali-speaking settlers in the country's Chittagong Hill Tracts over a recent peace treaty.

KYOTO, Japan - The European Union's top environmental official said the EU would not accept cuts in greenhouse gas emissions that were different from the US and Japan.

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NEW DELHI - At least 10 people, including six separatist guerillas, were killed in three clashes in the northeast Indian state of Assam.

PHNOM PENH - Several thousand people marched through Phnom Penh calling for peace in strife-torn Cambodia in the largest political gathering since factional fighting in July.

TEHRAN - Leaders of the world's one billion Moslems are gathering in Tehran for a summit Iran hopes will transform its image from pariah state to power broker.

COLOMBO - Sri Lankan troops and Tamil Tiger rebels will need time to recover and regroup after last week's fierce fighting in the north that left scores of soldiers and guerrillas dead or wounded, military officials said.

MOSCOW - Russia's counter-intelligence agency said it had released a U.S. telephone technician on bail, a day after he was charged with espionage in a rare case which has sparked sharp protests from Washington.

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MADRID - Anti-government protesters battled masked police in northeastern Spain as the last four leaders of Herri Batasuna, the political wing of the Basque ETA guerillas, were hauled off to jail.

JERUSALEM - An Israeli Mossad agent indicted on charges of fabricating information has denied damaging state security.

BAGHDAD - Iraqi newspapers said on Saturday not a drop of Iraq's oil would be sold on world markets until the United Nations addressed its protests over slow food and medicine deliveries.

CAIRO - Egypt denied that there were any attempts under way to negotiate with people abroad who the government accuses of terrorism.

BEIRUT - The leader of Hizbollah reported progress in negotiations to swap the remains of Israeli soldiers killed in a commando raid in south Lebanon for Lebanese held in Israeli jails.

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